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That being said, let's see how the Net Beans 5.5 IDE with Net Beans Enterprise Pack 5.5 tries to achieve a balance between these two approaches.

Depending upon the end usage of the schema, it may be better to stick to a certain design pattern to increase simplicity and adaptability.Back to Top It is possible to design schema using a traditional top-down approach or a non-traditional bottom-up approach.Let's first consider the top-down approach, where we start with an empty schema document and create schema constructs on our way to the destination instance document. It has 36 structure constructs which are expressed in their own set of elements and attributes and define 44 built-in data types.This approach requires very little knowledge about XML Schema.Although simple, it is sometimes less flexible and makes certain assumptions.

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The recommendation has been widely accepted since then. So lets have some The IDE fully supports the XML Schema 1.0 recommendation.

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